PHM plans on reopening schools

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – Penn-Harris-Madison Schools Superintendent discusses plans to reopen schools.

The State of Indiana recently released a new plan to get students back in the classroom this fall. The plan laid out a list of guidelines officials must implement for schools to reopen this fall including things like COVID screening for students and faculty along with social distancing measures.

Dr. Jerry Thacker, Superintendent of Penn-Harris-Madison Schools says their main goal is to safely bring students back this fall.

“Our highest priority is safety, so we want to make sure that students come in that can be in socially distant situations and want to make sure they have adequate space in classrooms and as they move in the hallways and cafeterias. “

Thacker stated, “We expect to have excellent educational experience regardless of the setting they would come back into. If they would have a typical, traditional in-person experience we want that to be excellent. If we have a virtual experience, we want that to be excellent. If it happens to be a hybrid situation, we want them to be preparing for college and career success.”

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