Picture perfect weather for some

As many wait for spring temperatures, some are embracing the cold and the snow.

One Michiana photographer said winter is the picture perfect season for her business.

Katie Whitcomb had an impromptu photo shoot and she said the pictures turn out beautiful and she wishes more people would hop on board to take advantage of what Mother Nature provides.

In the peak of winter most people would be hesitant to spend a day outdoors.

Whitcomb knows it is days like these that make for the best pictures.

She said anybody willing to brave the bitter cold and blustery winds will be rewarded with photos they cannot get anywhere else. 

“Most families want to wait until the spring or summer, when it's a little bit more pretty, and warm,” said Whitcomb.

Not this family; this is the Anthony family, and they bundled up to try something a little different.

“I usually get them taken in the spring, summer or fall but I have never done the winter,” said Sarah Anthony, Luke Anthony's mom.

“With little kids especially, you have to work that much quicker, because they get too cold and then they're done,” said Whitcomb.

Even though temps were in the thirties, Luke was getting a little cold.

Whitcomb, and the Anthony family know it is moments like these that they can treasure forever.

It has been a winter she cannot really complain about.

“I've been doing this for ten years and this was definitely our highest January.”
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