Piles of snow, snow covered cars causing traffic problems in some parts of South Bend

NOW: Piles of snow, snow covered cars causing traffic problems in some parts of South Bend


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- For the past several days, plow trucks have worked to clean streets throughout South Bend. But neighbors are now complaining of cars parked on the side of the road covered in snow, saying it's causing traffic problems in some parts of South Bend. 

It’s cars like this one that residents in south bend say is causing a traffic headache during the morning and evening commutes. 

“I’ve seen a lot of close calls where the snow is so high that people can’t see around them and to see what’s out in the middle of the street," said John Shockey who works on S. Williams Street, an area this problem is affecting. 

“They piled it up around a number of cars that probably can’t even get out now," said Shockey.

He said he’s even seen cars swerving into different lanes just to get around.

“I have seen more people have to go into the turning lanes or go into the other lanes to get around cars piled by snow”

He’s concerned that these cars created a safety issue.

"With the sidewalks, not all of them being cleared, people are walking on the streets which makes it that much more dangerous," said Shockey. 

An unfortunate side effect residents in South Bend will have to deal with for the next few days. 

"Everybody’s just doing the best that they can to keep things clear," said Shockey. 

Ken Garcia with the South Bend Police Department said there have been several complaints from residents about cars stuck in the snow. He said SBPD officers are not actively patrolling for vehicle, but if officers receive a complaint from a resident or encounter an area where vehicles are clearly blocking the roads and emergency vehicles, the cars can be towed. 

"Our officers are not specifically looking for cars to tag," said Garcia. "We will/ have responded to complaints from residents. Most of these complaints are for so-called “snow birds”. These are cars that have clearly not moved for days. If our officers come across a road where cars are clearly blocking traffic to the point where emergency vehicles are not able to get through, vehicles could be towed. There is a lot of snow on the side of the road, but drivers must not block any roadways with parked vehicles.”

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