Plane crash at Reno air show claims the lives of three people, including the pilot

RENO -- Friday night, there was breaking news from Nevada. A plane crashed into a grandstand at an air show in Reno.

At least three people are dead, including the pilot. About 75 were hurt. Emergency crews and volunteers helped to pull people from the rubble.

Witnesses described what they saw minutes before the crash:

"It started wobbling and then it came up and he started heading towards the stands, and it looked like if he was still controlling it he was going to head over the stands to get away from those. The plane just kind of turned hard and when it started coming down. It looked like he must have been pulling really hard on the stick to try and get it as far away from the stands as possible.”

Local authorities reported multiple fatalities and injuries, but it was not immediately clear how many people were dead or hurt.

An FAA spokesman said the aircraft was believed to be a P-51 Mustang, similar to the World War II era fighter plane.

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