"Play-it-Forward" game brings Goshen community together

One Goshen councilwoman is spreading love to her city through a simple card game.

Co-creator Julia King calls it “Play-it-Forward,” and her push to get folks to make new friends is bringing the community together.

One resident got a silk cape when she left the Electric Brew café.

“It’s a big way to bring attention,” said Barbara Hassan.

Others enjoyed a quick game of rock paper scissors over cups of coffee.

“We’re just having fun,” said King. “It’s just a way to reach out and maybe meet people that you wouldn’t otherwise meet people that you wouldn’t otherwise meet and enjoy some of the things that you can enjoy in Goshen.”

They’re “playing it forward,” and playing by creative rules.

“You just follow the instructions and you play it forward, give it to the next person and they complete that task,” said King.

The tasks could include going to a new church or sharing a unique handshake with a stranger.

“Just fun friendliness and open community,” said King.

A community sharing moments of smiling and laughing with each other in person and online on the game’s Facebook page.

“I read about it and I know it was one of Julia’s ideas so I had to support it,” said Hassan. “It’s especially meaningful today because of all the violence and all the hate which is just gut-wrenching, so if there’s a way we can spread love and kindness and humor, why not do it?”

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