Plymouth Community Schools names new superintendent

Photo courtesy Plymouth Community School Corporation

PLYMOUTH, Ind. -- After a unanimous decision by the school board, Plymouth Community Schools will have a brand new superintendent beginning July 1st.

When current Superintendent Dan Tyree steps down at the end of the month, Assistant Superintendent Andy Hartley will step up to the plate.

According to PCSC, Hartley came to Plymouth High School as an assistant principal in 2008 and was named Assistant Principal of the Year in 2010.

Tyree says Hartley has what it takes.

“It's not too often that schools get to try out their superintendent before they hire them. I was out nearly six months for my kidney transplant in 2015. During that time Andy Hartley took over the daily job description of the superintendent. He not only did his job, but he also handled most of my job responsibilities with the expertise of a veteran. I knew at that point that Andy had what it takes to be a superintendent. I'm so glad that he was able to be named superintendent of Plymouth Community School Corporation. The school and community are in great shape with Andy Hartley at the helm.” He said.

Tyree will step down after 38 years with PCSC.

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