Plymouth High School takes extra precautions amid Westfield stage collapse

A local high school is taking extra safety precautions to ensure incidents like the Westfield High School stage collapse won't happen here.

Plymouth High School has a variety show scheduled for May 1.

And before the 900 seat auditorium fills up, the school is dong all it can to make sure this show doesn't turn into a disaster.

“That's crazy, I can't even imagine having that happening to us,”said Jacob Hildebrand, a senior at Plymouth High School.

Plymouth students helped build the set for the upcoming variety show, so safety is always in the front of their minds.

“I try to make everything safe enough that I could use it if me and 10 other people can get on it,” said Hildebrand.

He and others also helped put together the 60-foot-wide stage.

So after the school saw the disturbing video, Plymouth took extra effort in securing the stage.

“We periodically check and inspect it whether it be here or at graduation or at any of our facilities,” said David Schoof, Director of Operations. "We check the work and make sure it's great for our kids.”

The district says safety is top priority.

“We just had our insurance company come in and they just did an inspection of the auditorium, so yeah, we're extremely concerned about safety,” said Superintendent Dan Tyree.

And that concern will be on Hilderbrand's mind, at his very last variety show.

“I have no doubt everything will run very smoothly here” he said.

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