Plymouth man killed in moped crash

PLYMOUTH, Ind. -- A moped driver was killed in an accident on Olive Road Sunday afternoon.

“My husband came running down here and said there are sirens up the road a little bit and I said oh my god what if the kids were on the bicycle. That is what I was worried about,” said Sherry Weil.

It wasn’t kids on bicycles. A moped driver crashed his moped just feet from her home. he did not make it.

Weil said the driver was actually a neighbor of hers who lives just up the road. 

She says she often sees him riding by and he waves, but she never expected something like this to happen.

Police are still investigating what caused the crash.

“I do not know what happened. I do not know if he hit a pile of dirt or gravel rather or something ran out in front of him. I have no idea,” said Weil.

Weil is questioning the safety of the narrow road after this tragic accident.

“I am beginning to wonder now since the cars are going faster and there are more golf carts and bicycles and everything on the road,” said Weil.

She says her number one concern now is helping the family get through this sudden loss.

“My thoughts and prayers are with them and if they need anything, I’ll be there,” said Weil.

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