Plymouth residents digging out from 11.3 inches of snow

PLYMOUTH, Ind. -- Plymouth, Indiana received almost a foot of snow in Tuesday’s storm. While many people worked to clear the snow, others spent the day enjoying it.

"I heard on the news that it was eight inches,” said James Ellis.

A National Weather Service observer actually clocked 11.3 inches of snow in the city limits.

So let the dig out begin.

Jeff Sliter had a few problems while shoveling the snow.

"I've already broken my shovel,” said Sliter.

But he's getting some help clearing the snow from Mother Nature.

Temperatures reached 36 degrees Wednesday.

Some students were looking for a two hour delay.

But they got even more.

"When I woke up I heard my brothers and sisters say it’s canceled,” said Jacque Pratt.

For the amount of snow received, the roads are actually pretty clear.

The street crew stayed out until midnight then started up again at 3 a.m.

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