Police find suspect's vehicle in fatal hit and run; family of baby speaks

NOW: Police find suspect’s vehicle in fatal hit and run; family of baby speaks

ELKHART, Ind. -- Elkhart Police announced Tuesday night they found the vehicle involved in the fatal hit and run that killed three people on Saturday night.

In a press release, saying in part:

"On the morning of Tuesday August 29, 2017 officers were dispatched to a suspicious vehicle at 2708 Frederic Drive, Yellow Dog Extrusions. Officers were advised there was a light colored Cadillac, covered in a tarp, parked in the parking lot. Officers arrived on scene and started an investigation. As part of the investigation officers obtained a search warrant to search the vehicle. Evidence gathered as a result of the search warrant indicates this is the suspect vehicle; a silver 1999, Cadillac.

Officers and detectives are currently looking for the owner of the vehicle. Anybody with information regarding this fatal crash is asked to contact the Elkhart Police Department at 574-295-7070."

Five pedestrians were hit by the vehicle, including 8-month-old Dolly Smith who passed away on Sunday from her injuries.

"She was the best I got lucky with her, I really did. Every single time I would show up after work because I would work very long shifts she would just light up. My life will never be the same. Our lives will never be the same," says Dolly's mother Marquis Thomas Burke.

Thomas Burke and the rest of Dolly's family say they are incredibly heartbroken.

"When you bring a child into this world you never, ever think that in eight months you’re going to bury them. you have dreams that’s what you do. every little conversation you have with their tiny selves is to encourage the next step of their growth you plan for that next thing and now nothing it was just taken away," says Dolly's grandmother Yvonne Thomas.

They hope others might learn from the tragedy.

"In a sense it has taken my whole world. I hope people will stop and take the time to stop and think that you are getting behind the wheel. You are making very important life decisions and those not only impact you but everyone around you," says Thomas Burke.

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