Police in Osceola searching for porch pirate

NOW: Police in Osceola searching for porch pirate

OSCEOLA, Ind. – A theft suspect was recently caught on camera snatching up a package off a porch in Osceola while the owners of the home were out to lunch!

The surveillance video shows the suspect walking up to the door, grabbing the package and then leaving in their vehicle.

When the theft occurred, the homeowners were notified via their ring door bell camera. One of the homeowners can be heard saying “Can I help you? Can I help you?” The suspect, however, ignored the homeowner’s calls.

The couple who lives in the home says that this has never happened before. They posted the images to Facebook and it went viral with over 3 thousand shares!

Although many online found it funny, the couple says that this is a very serious matter.

“I don’t find any justice, I don’t find it funny, I find it sad and hopefully people will pray for this individual and she will get the help she needs,” Ron Betzer Jr. said, who is the homeowner. “She literally drove into the driveway and parked her car. She wasn’t trying to hide it, she knew that I had the ring video doorbell, she covered her face, she had her hood on, the window she was looking through had the sticker house being recorded by video doorbell so she knew. She was aware she was being recorded and did not care.”

Inside the package was printing paper for a local church.

Police are now investigating the incident and working to identify the suspect.

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