Police investigate threat to Upton Middle School, threat unfounded

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. -- The St. Joseph Department of Public Safety investigated a possible threat to Upton Middle School, which posted on social media Thursday night. They found the threat was unfounded, the school district’s interim superintendent said in a letter to parents.

The district said they were notified of the post Thursday night, so they contacted the Department of Public Safety to investigate.

St. Joseph police and Lincoln Charter Township Police made contact with the parties involved and determined it was not a viable threat, the letter said.

Here is the letter sent to parents:

Late last night, we were notified of a post on social media that indicated a possible threat to students. The St. Joseph Public Safety Department was notified and provided the information we had collected. The St. Joseph Public Safety Department, with assistance from the Lincoln Charter Township Police Department, made contact with the parties involved. After a thorough investigation, it was determined that this was not a viable threat.

Please know that we have verified that this was a false rumor posted on social media, yesterday, March 25, causing concern to our families, local law enforcement, staff, and administration. Again, the issue was fully investigated by local law enforcement and school officials and determined to be a completely unfounded threat.

We urge you to speak with your students, encouraging them to come to you or an adult at school when they feel that the safety of their classmates is at risk. Additionally, please speak with them about their social media habits, the image below asks people to THINK before they post and could be a great conversation starter.

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