Police, Metro Homicide investigating burglary suspect's death

South Bend Police and the Metro Homicide Unit are investigating a death at a home in the 400 block of E. Corby Boulevard in South Bend.

Police say they responded to the home around 11 a.m. for a call about a possible home invasion.

Investigators say the homeowner came home and found a burglar inside and there was an altercation.

The homeowner was injured but his injuries are not serious.

The suspect's body was found by the back door.

“Once the officers got there they checked the home and they found a male black individual dead at the back door,” said Tim Corbett, Metro Homicide Unit Commander.

Police have not released details about how the burglar was killed.

One neighbor came home home from work and found her nearby home broken into.

Nicollette Benson said, "I want my kids to feel protected. Now they're not going to feed protected, they're not going to feel safe because you chose to make a dumb decision."

Benson said it would have been traumatic if she came home with her 5 kids in tow to find jewelries, tvs, and valuables gone.

Benson said, "I'm not really worried about the material things, it's just I have to sleep here. I have to bring my kids here. They broke the window out in my kids room. That was petty."

Metro Homicide investigators are still working to identify the suspected dead burglar and notify family.

Meanwhile, Benson is still wondering what happened and if her burglary next door is connected to the homicide investigation.

Benson said, "This window is broken, and they took parts of the window that they broke outside and threw it over here and threw the screen in the bushes."


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