Police Officers speak on saving driver in Pinhook Park

NOW: Police Officers speak on saving driver in Pinhook Park

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Three south bend police officers, hailed as heroes for saving a person from a sinking car, now speaking on the rescue.

Police were called to Pinhook Park Sunday morning and saw a car sinking into the lagoon!

They saw someone in the driver’s seat passed out.

Officer Mollie Anton jumped into the frigid water, swam to the car, broke the driver's side window, and got the man out of his seat belt.

Then she started to swim with him back to shore.

Officer Anton said “The minute I got in it was a bit of a shock because the water was so cold. Then it was just a race to hope that I could get out to the car in time to before it went under. I knew that those few seconds were going to be really crucial to determine whether or not I would be able to help the person in the driver's seat or not.

As Officer Anton was swimming back with the victim, Officer Luke Pickard jumped in to help her.

Officer Pickard said “She had swam out. Communicated with the guy, make sure his seatbelt was off. James and I were watching as she broke the window and pulled the guy out just before the car began to sink. When we couldn't get her the rope, it was too far out, at that point I just started taking off equipment and decided to jump in there and decide to help her out”

The third officer, James Wagner, helped them out of the water and then driver into an ambulance.

We're told, the driver is expected to be okay.

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