Police recover second body in NY boating accident

NEW YORK — Police believe they have recovered the body of the second victim in a boating accident on the Hudson River in New York.

Investigators are still working to positively identify the body believed to be that of Mark Lennon. 

Lennon and 30-year-old Lindsey Stewart went overboard Friday night after the boat they were on hit a barge.

Stewart's body was recovered on Saturday. 

Police say a jet skier discovered the second body on Sunday.

"We're confident that he didn't suffer and that's most important to us that he didn't suffer and went out happy," said Lennon's brother, Raymond.

Police have since arrested the boat operator. 

He has been charged with first degree and second degree manslaughter. Police believe he was intoxicated.

Four other people, including the groom-to-be were also on the boat. All four are in the hospital.

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