Police say woman test drives car but never returns it to dealer

 SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Used-car dealerships have a bad reputation for ripping people off, but in this story the car salesman was the one that got conned.

The owner of Davio's Auto off South Bend Avenue says he has seen every trick in the book until Monday afternoon when a young woman drove a car off the lot for a test drive and never came back.

Davio's Auto owner David Witt says on a woman by the name of Kelley Blount rode up to his lot in a cab looking to buy a car. "she was very nice and polite. She was well-spoken and just didn't seem like the type that would steal a car," says Witt.


Witt says He made a copy of Blount's driver's license and had her fill out an application before going outside with to look at cars. Witt says she was very interested in Dodge Durango, but ultimately decided to test drive a black 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue. "I do think her intent was to put money down and buy a car".


Little did he know she would ask to take the car for test drive and never come back. "That was a little stunning. That she would leave us all the correct information. Witt has been in the car business for more than decade and has had several cars stolen, but never like this.


However, he is confident the woman will be caught. Not only did Blount leave her driver's license, with an address and phone number, but she also showed proof of a secondary income -- a disability check she receives every month.


"We know who she is! Most of the time we don't know who it is, we are just hoping someone is driving it and gets pulled over so we get it back, but this time we know who it is," says Witt.


Police say they still have not been able to track down Blount for questioning since she listed an old address and previous employer on the application she filled out that day. Police say the black Intrigue has a Davio's Auto sticker on the left side of the back bumper and are asking the public to call if they spot the car or have any information about Blount.


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