Family of father arrested following Silver Alert investigation speaks

NOW: Family of father arrested following Silver Alert investigation speaks

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- The father in a Silver Alert investigation has been arrested. Adam Rushing was arrested late Tuesday night according to the St. Joseph County Jail Log.

A Silver Alert was issued Tuesday morning for 6-year-old Halle Rushing, 1-year-old  Eleanor Rushing, and 31-year-old Adam Rushing.

Indiana State Police confirm both children were dropped off safely at Adams’ half-brother’s home.

 "Their father was in our driveway. We saw Halle knocking and the door and she said “dad’s dropping us off," said the suspects family who wants to remain unidentified. 

She says they woke up to this morning to a frantic 31-year-old Adam Rushing at their door.

“He said I need you to watch the kids. We’ll see what kind of brother you are and then just left his kids here and took off," said the suspect's family.

After they called 9-1-1, authorities came knocking on her door.

“About 15 minutes later, the police show up, CPS shows up and it’s all in a haywire," said the suspect's family. 

According to the St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Office, the situation stems from a domestic dispute.

Family tells ABC 57 1-year-old- Eleanor Rushing’s mother was taken to the hospital and was treated then released.

“Our first thought when we found out was I told you not to go back. I begged you not to go back. Now both girls are traumatized.”

The suspect's adoptive father tells ABC57 by phone, Adam Rushing has a history of drug addiction, and mental health issues that he says have gone untreated.

“He’s an average guy just trying to do what he thinks is best but he’s got a few mental problems that people aren’t aware of. He does go over the top, unusually over the top when it comes to some things," said Jimmy Rushing, the suspect's adoptive father.

Even so, family just says they’re happy the girls are safe.

They say both girls have different mothers. 1-year-old Eleanor is currently with DCS awaiting the next step, and 6-year-old Halle will be staying with them.

“I'm not going to let this poor little girl keep going through this. So, we’re going to open our doors and try our best to make sure she has a better life style than she’s been given," said the suspect's family. 

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