Police still searching for a motive in supermarket shooting

ELKHART, Ind. -- Indiana State Police are still trying to determine a motive in the supermarket shooting Wednesday night that left two women and the alleged shooter dead.

Police say they are in the process of interviewing dozens of witnesses, family and friends of those involved.

Police say 22-year-old Shawn Bair shot and killed 20-year-old Krystle Dikes and 44-year-old Rachelle Godfread at the Martin's on Bristol Wednesday night.

They're also investigating who owned the 40-caliber semi-automatic handgun Bair allegedly used.

Friday, the names of the two Elkhart Police officers who ended the rampage were released.

Corporal Jason Tripp and Corporal Cody Skipper are credited with preventing more deaths that night.

They are on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of a review by the Elkhart County Prosecutor's Office, which is normal procedure in incidents like this.

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