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Police still searching for driver of Friday’s fatal hit and run

BENTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Police are still searching for the suspect of a hit and run that killed 45-year-old Exavier Hassel on Friday morning.

Hassel was walking along Paw Paw Avenue near Flower Street.

Benton Township Police said Hassel fell into the southbound lane, and then was struck and killed by a car.

ABC 57 talked to a longtime friend of Hassel, who wanted to share a message with the unknown suspect.

"You did wrong. Correct it. Do the right thing. Step forward. You know, whatever the case may. I don't know what the distraction was that kept the person from seeing a man in the street, but you don't just keep going." Glen Shouse Jr. said.

Shouse believed Hassel was on his way home at the time of the incident.

Officials are investigating what caused Hassel to fall into the road in the first place.

At this time it is unclear if alcohol was a factor but an autopsy has been scheduled.

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