Political leaders hope DNC energy will live past Election Day

The energy is high at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, but will it carry on past this week?

“Students at Western where I teach are more engaged politically than I’ve seen since I first got there 20 years ago,” said Paul Clements.

Paul Clements is a professor and is running for congress in Michigan’s sixth district. The way he sees it, energy from the D.N.C. will live past Election Day through young activists. 

“It’s extremely important to bring this energy back to Indiana, our input is needed,” said Ashley Gurvitz, President of Indiana Young Democrats.

Ashley Gurvitz says dozens of Indiana young Democrats are at the D.N.C. this week. 

When they return home they will continue encouraging others their age to get involved in politics just like one young Democrat whose energy has been influencing South Bend for the past five years.

“As a millennial, it’s time for democrats to be talking in terms of freedom again, too often I think it’s talked about as if you choose between freedom and dealing with inequality I think the two go hand and hand,” said Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

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