Pool breaks to keep everyone safe in summer heat

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Mandatory breaks at some South Bend pools are helping keep children and staff safe on these sizzling summer days.

As temperatures soared past 90 degrees, the Kennedy Water Park Playground on Eclipse Place in South Bend was packed Wednesday afternoon.  

But a unique rule briefly pulls the kids out of the pool.

“At the 45-minute mark of each hour, we blow our whistles and then that is break time,” said assistant head lifeguard Brianna Spaniolo.

A 15-minute break is taken at the bottom of each hour throughout the day.

Spaniolo said it’s designated time to reapply sunscreen, rehydrate, and regroup.

She also said that it’s not only for the kids, but for those guarding their lives too.

“We’re constantly, constantly, constantly scanning [the water],” she said. “And when you’re in the sun all day, it really starts to drain you. Those [15-minute breaks] really means a lot to us.”

Spaniolo said the tiny timeouts help keep summer safe in South Bend.

And before long, it’s back to the pool.

“That is actually the time to get back in!” Spaniolo said, as a whistle sounded.

Spaniolo also said the same breaks happen at the pool over at Potawatomi Park.

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