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Pope open to priest rule change


Fighting the clergy shortage with an “I do?”

A local religious leader is reacting tonight after Pope Francis told a German newspaper he’s open to married Catholic men becoming priests.

Father Glenn Kohrman says Pope Francis could change the rules on priest eligibility as it relates to marriage if he so chooses but he thinks there’s a bigger issue at hand.

Friday, CNN reported Pope Francis is open to a big time change.

This week, Pope Francis told a German newspaper he’s open to changing a long-standing rule to allow married Catholic men to enter the priesthood.

Father Glenn Kohrman, pastor of Holy Family Catholic Church in South Bend says celibacy isn’t the problem.

“There’s been more like a crisis in faith and celibacy has little to do with crisis of faith its harder to believe these days  because if people go to university religion is seen as  a myth it’s not understood as a truth claim that Jesus Christ is a reality that’s worth changing our life for,” said Father Kohrman.

CNN is also reporting, Pope Francis is making it clear single men who already priests wouldn’t be allowed to marry.

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