Possible chop shop in LaPorte County

The LaPorte County Sheriff's Office says they tracked a stolen snow plow from Hammond to Michigan City where they found dozens of possibly stolen items.

According to the LaPorte County Sheriff's Office, they found dozens of vehicles and parts of vehicles, engines, transmissions and watercraft on the Michigan City property on Wednesday.

Police say the investigation actually started early last week after a snow plow was stolen from Hammond on November 23rd.

Police tracked the vehicle with GPS technology and it led them to a property in Michigan City, which is in an isolated and wooded area.

They didn’t find the stolen plow, but found parts of it, including the gas tank and salt spreader.

Deputies got both a search and an arrest warrant to check out the property, where they found dozens of vehicles and car parts.

Some reports indicate as many as 30 other vehicles, most of them reportedly stripped to the frame, were on the property.

Thomas Lambert, the homeowner, was arrested for theft but was released on bond according to LaPorte County Jail.

The investigation is ongoing as investigators will continue to work to determine which, if any, of the items were stolen. 

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