Potawatomi Zoo opens for winter day

NOW: Potawatomi Zoo opens for winter day

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—The Potawatomi Zoo opened Saturday as part of the zoo's Winter Days event.

Guests were able to visit the zoo for a few hours to see attractions featuring animals who are unfazed by the wintry weather.

"So all of our animals have temperature ratings that they can go out in and if it's a good temperature for them, we give them the choice of whether or not they want to go outside, and if they choose to be outside then the public can see them, there are some animals that obviously are not cold-weather-hardy, so monkeys, things like that, a lot of birds don't like to be out in the winter but a lot of the bigger mammals do,” said Kristina Barroso Burrell, Marketing and Communications Manager for the Potawatomi Zoo.

The next Winter Day is March 2nd, the zoo reopens fully on March 29th.

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