Potawatomi Zoo's 'Zoo Boo' ends Friday

NOW: Potawatomi Zoo’s ’Zoo Boo’ ends Friday

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Potawatomi Zoo's annual Halloween tradition, "Zoo Boo", will come to a close on Friday. The zoo will be open from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. for the event.

"We’ve just to kind of reinvent what zoo boo is like because of the social distancing," said Josh Sisk, Executive Director of Potawatomi Zoo. "The timed ticketing helped space people out in the zoo so they still have that same experience to come out in your costumes."

Like many other entertainment venues, the zoo has felt the impact of the Covid pandemic on its bottom line.

"I think the zoo’s in the same boat I think a lot of us are in unfortunately," said Sisk. "It is a tough year with a major loss in revenue but I have to say we’ve had such community support." 

Sisk says the communities support helped the zoo stay afloat during the uncertain spring and summer months.

"The community has just been very supportive of us," said Sisk. "They knew when everything shut down that we still needed feed the animals and pay our staff to care for them and so we got that support for our staff."

Sisk says the zoo had to get creative to help "Zoo Boo" remain a success in the wake of social distancing.

"We understand in our typical the amount 'Zoo Boo' of people that come, the thousands of people, it’s really not safe this year," said Sisk. "By extending it by multiple days it allowed us to try to have the same amount of people but just spread out over many more days."

For more information on "Zoo Boo" or to purchase tickets click here.

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