Potential bill would allow nurse practitioners more autonomy

NOW: Potential bill would allow nurse practitioners more autonomy


PLYMOUTH, Ind.---A new bill, Senate Bill 394, is in the works and would allow some Indiana nurse practitioners to practice without a doctor’s oversight.

State Republican Rep. Ron Bacon, who has had years of experience in the health care system, is working on a new legislation with Senator Ed Charbonneau.

Rep. Bacon told ABC57, as the law stands, a nurse practitioner that prescribes medicine must have a collaborative agreement with a physician.

According to Rep. Bacon, the physicians review five percent of the nurse practitioners charts, and then the nurse practitioner has to pay the physician.

He believes nurse practitioners should only have to engage in the collaborative agreement with physicians for three years.

“If they’re actually working after all their education for three years under a collaborative agreement, and they are doing fine, and attest that they do, then why should they continue under the collaborative agreement,” said Rep. Bacon. And pay a physician to look at their work?”

In Plymouth, independent nurse practitioner, Dan Tanner, a Notre Dame alumni, said he agrees with this proposed change.

“Its been needed for a while,” said Tanner. Just like a physician doesn’t spend his whole time in his residency, eventually he moves on.”

Tanner said he has to pay a physician to over see his charts and that if this bill passes it will open up a lot of opportunities for nurse practitioners.

“If it passed I think it would free up some more resources,” said Tanner. And I think more nurse practitioners would be more open to open their own businesses.”

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