Potential problems for people and pets

NOW: Potential problems for people and pets


With the excessive heat watch issued for Thursday through Saturday, that means that heat illnesses are likely if you're spending too much time outdoors. So, it's good to know if you, or someone you're with, are starting to develop heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Heat exhaustion typically occurs first and that comes with a dizzy or tired feeling, cool or clammy skin, and a fast, weak pulse. If you or someone else has these symptoms, get inside, cool down, and drink some cool water.

For heat stroke, it's more serious and the big difference is the condition of the skin. Red, hot, and dry skin is a telltale sign of heat stroke and it's important to call 911 immediately if this happens. Get inside and cool down before help arrives and don't drink cold water because that could cause shock.

Be mindful of dangerous heat with "feel like" temps above 100 degrees Thursday through Saturday!

Along with yourself, the kids, and the rest of the family, keep an eye on your pets, especially when you're walking them over the next few days! Keep them on the grass as much as possible because concrete/asphalt temperatures can shoot up quickly. It'll be very easy for the concrete and asphalt to burn even your own hand during the peak heating hours of the day by the end of this week. In the afternoon sun with temperatures as cool as the upper 70s, the asphalt or blacktop can be as hot as 125 degrees in direct sunlight. That temperature alone could be enough to cause burns. And the risk only goes up as the temperatures build.

And dogs can quickly suffer from burns on their paws and even heat stroke. If you're planning on taking the pup out during the afternoon during the afternoon, be mindful of the signs of heat stroke. If you notice a high body temperature, heavy panting or drooling and vomiting, and fearful or painful behavior, get them inside, cool them down, and get them to a vet if their symptoms are severe. It's best to keep dog walking to the morning or evening hours too.

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