Potentially dangerous heat indices expected this week

NOW: Potentially dangerous heat indices expected this week

With the rising temperatures this week, will, unfortunately, come the humidity and the heat indices will be coming in full force. And we've got off easy for the most part this summer. We had no 90-degree days in august and only six for the entire summer, and those were all in July. So, these next few days could compare to some the hottest days this summer. The "feels like" temperatures though won't be peaking in the 100s this time, so that's some good news. But, there's still some cause for concern.

And this may seem hot to us, but it's been far worse just out to the west in Wisconsin in the past. In fact, on July 13th, 1995, Appleton, Wisconsin reported a heat index of 148 degrees, thanks to a high of 101 and a dew point of 90! By the way, the high in South Bend that day was 99! Luckily, we won't see anything like that this week.

It'll be hot this week, but it's nothing compared to the hottest heat index ever recorded in the United States.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday continue to look like the hottest days this week with the heat index values in the mid 90s for most. With those kinds of temperatures, heat exhaustion can set in in about an hour in the afternoon sun. If you're planning on doing yard work or really anything strenuous outside, keep it until after work.

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