Potentially historic cold today!

NOW: Potentially historic cold today!

Record-breaking cold expected today as morning lows bottom out around -20! Highs peak at -12 with the coldest daytime wind chill around -40 to even -50 degrees!! Dress extra warm today, tonight, and even tomorrow as the Wind Chill Warning continues for everyone until 2 PM Thursday. L.E. snow showers will continue for the MI counties today as well and will once again make travel hazardous through tomorrow morning. Another round of system is likely Thursday night into Friday morning, resulting in more accumulating snow for everyone.

Afterwards, a big warm-up is on the way through the weekend as temps peak in the mid to upper 40s with rain showers expected Sunday and Monday. Some flooding/re-freezing problems could be possible with highs well above freezing, but with lows dropping below 32.


Today: Extreme, historic cold. L.E. snow showers in the MI counties. High of -12.

Tonight: Partly cloudy with continuing L.E. snow showers. Cold. Low of -22.

Thursday: Partly sunny with L.E. snow fading, then mostly cloudy with a chance of late PM snow. Cold. High of 0.

Friday: Mostly cloudy with scattered AM snow showers. Highs in the low 20s.


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