Potty-mouthed toy turning heads

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Shoppers beware! Some are saying a toy that’s being sold on store shelves this season is not meant for children.  It’s a baby doll people think has a potty mouth. The toy is called the ‘You and Me Play and Giggle Triplets’ sold at ‘Toys R Us’.

 “Oh yeah, I would not buy it,” said Darla Robinson and Carole Moore, two shoppers at the ‘Toys R Us’ location in Mishawaka. “It sounds like it says ‘Okay, crazy bitch’”, said Michael Singer, another shopper who doesn’t think the toy should be on the shelves.
According to a ‘Toys R Us’ public relations representative, the dolls are supposed to make eight different baby noises. None of the noises are meant to be interpreted as actual words.
The box clearly says for ages two and up but many are saying the baby uses adult language. “I have a 10-month-old grandson. No he would not have this baby,” said Robinson.
Mother of four, Cheryl Moody, doesn’t agree with the critics. “If you want to hear that, that’s what you’ll hear but I wouldn’t have a problem letting my daughter’s play with it,” she said.
ABC 57 called both the ‘Toys R Us’ location in Mishawaka and the corporate headquarters Friday. Neither said there were any plans to take the toy off the shelves.
Many think the toy doesn’t belong in the hands of children. “Kids pick up really fast. Absolutely not,” said Robinson. “Toys are for kids if I had kids I wouldn’t want them playing with something like that,” said Singer.
‘Toys R Us’ said they have had many complaints about the dolls and will refund any purchase with no questions asked.

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