Powdered alcohol stirring things up in the Indiana State House again

Senate Bill 6 is being discussed in the Senate Wednesday. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved the sale of  powdered alcohol last month but lawmakers are debating whether it should be a Class B infraction to possess, purchase, sell, offer to sell, or use powdered or crystalline alcohol in Indiana.

When the product got the “green light” to be sold, some  lawmakers sounded off saying the risks of abuse are just too high.

So they got to work on this bill.

A Class B infraction in Indiana is the same as a Class B misdemeanor, meaning it is an offense like unlawfully parking in a handicap parking space, but it can still carry a penalty of up to 180 days in prison and or a fine of up to o$1,000.

Lawmakers say they are concerned about Palcohol because it  lacks a taste, smell, and coloring, making it hard to trace and easy to slip into drinks.

But as ABC 57 News first  told you when the product was approved, Mark Phillips, the Creator of Palcohol, says there is no reason to ban his product, and he merely created it for convenience because it can instantly turn any beverage into a cocktail. Something he believes is perfect for on the go trips like camping, which is where he first came up with the idea for the cocktail mix.
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