Power outages affects Elkhart restaurant days before Valentine's day

NOW: Power outages affects Elkhart restaurant days before Valentine’s day

ELKHART, Ind.-- Tuesday's power outage couldn’t have come at worse time for local Elkhart restaurant, Hunter's Place.

The restaurant made a big purchase of meats and fish in preparation for Valentine's day, and they’re afraid they're taking a big loss instead of a profit. 

“We have no business of course, because we can’t cook," said Hunter's Place owner Frances Hunter. I have a cooler full of valentine’s special prime rib and surf and turf. I hope the power doesn’t stay out much longer because that’s not a good thing.”

This is the second blow to her restaurant business in just two weeks.

Hunter hoped Valentines day would recoup loses that the recent polar vortex froze over.

"Nobody wanted to come out and I didn’t blame them, I closed early that day. I was hoping Valentine’s day would recoup some of what we lost last week," said Hunter.

For now, she’s keeping the doors leading to any coolers shut, but that won’t last long without power.

Just one day without it has a significant impact.

“Thousands, thousands. We brought in two hundred pounds of prime rib and shrimp. So, that would be a major setback for me. Can make or break you either way," said Hunter.

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