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Power restored to 2,500 South Bend customers

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- About 2,500 Indiana Michigan Power customers around McKinley Avenue in South Bend were without power for a few hours. Power has been restored to all customers, except one.

"I started into the living room and by that time I could smell the smoke, looked down into the basement and the basement was absolutely full of smoke," said Frank Fujita of South Bend.

In Fujita's backyard, a small explosion snapped the power lines and blew the fuses in his home.

The explosion caused about 2500 customers to lose power and caused traffic backups at intersections.

Power has been restored to all customers except Fujita.

"For me it is going to be about two to three weeks. We are going to have to have the entire wiring replaced in the house," said Fujita.

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