Precautionary lock-down at Oregon-Davis lifted

STARKE COUNTY, Ind.  -- Parents in Starke County can rest a little easier after threats made on a school bathroom wall turned out to be nothing.

Deputies put Oregon Davis High School on lock-down and cleared every car that came on to campus Monday.

Some graffiti threats turned out to be just a prank but the sheriff and the school board decided it was a good opportunity for training.

"School is a reflection of society and we see that society has some problems and those problems carry over into our schools. So the thing is to have a plan, be able to have measures in place, so that we can respond in that proactive way, rather than in a reactive way," said Steve Disney, Oregon Davis Superintendent.

Investigators are reviewing videotape to determine who may have written the threat on the wall Saturday during a fifth and sixth grade basketball tournament.

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