Pregnant Goshen woman speaks out after being shot with her own gun by a home invader

NOW: Pregnant Goshen woman speaks out after being shot with her own gun by a home invader


GOSHEN, Ind. -- A pregnant Goshen woman was shot with her own gun during a home invasion just after midnight Friday.

The burglar wrestled the gun away from the woman then fired two shots, hitting her once in the leg. Police are still searching for the man responsible.

It was something the gunshot victim, Sarah M., says she still can’t believe happened in her home

 “Whether I got shot or not, I’m still thankful I had something to defend myself,” Sarah said. “I heard a noise when I was lying down in my bedroom, thought it was one of my kids.”

The noise was a stranger who had just broken in and Sarah’s first instinct was to grab her gun.

“By the time I grabbed it he was already right next to me, and grabbed my hand immediately and we struggled back and forth with the gun. It was discharged twice and the second shot hit my leg.”

Immediately after shots were fired Sarah said the man took off, leaving the gun behind.

“It was terrifying,” she said. “I’ve never had something like that happen to me before. My car has been broken into, my garage has been broken into and those things you just feel violated but seeing someone in your home… I was just … I have three kids, I’m pregnant. I was just terrified.”

Sarah said the lock on her back door has been broken. Being a quiet neighborhood, she said she didn’t think much of it and didn’t get it repaired. Now she wants others to be serious about their security especially since her shooter is still out there.

“I didn’t give [police] much to go on because it was so dark and it happened so fast and I know it’s going to be hard but I’m hoping something happens, that he slips up and something happens that make them find him.”

Sarah is expected to make a full recovery from her injury. The gun that was used is now with police, being held as evidence.

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