Preparing for clouds during the solar eclipse

NOW: Preparing for clouds during the solar eclipse

We are within a week of the total solar eclipse!

As we get closer to the big day, unfortunately, cloudy skies are looking more and more likely in Michiana. In fact, a good chunk of the path of the total solar eclipse could be looking through cloudy skies during the afternoon on April 8. With that in mind, I wanted to give you a sense of what you will experience IF skies aren't friendly come next Monday. 

According to the American Astronomical Society, even if it's cloudy during the eclipse, you'll still get to experience some of the magic around you. The sky will get dark, and it will resemble dusk at the peak of eclipse. There also could be some minor weather changes, like a quick drop in temperature or wind shift during the event. Even under cloudy skies, animals might exhibit strange behaviors immediately before, during, and immediately after the peak of the eclipse. 

What you see also will depend on the types of clouds in the sky. If there are low, thick clouds or precipitation, viewing will be at its poorest. However, if we have thin, higher-level clouds, the sun will likely be able to shine through somewhat, meaning better visibility than you might expect. 

In any case, experts still advise you wearing approved "eclipse glasses" during the event, as looking directly at the sun always poses health risks. 

Also, there is still a chance of some breaks in the clouds just as we get into next Monday afternoon. We'll keep you updated and keep our fingers crossed!  

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