Preserving your pumpkin

As October 31st approaches, more and more of us will be getting our pumpkin picked, carved, and decorated in time for the holiday. But, do you know how to make your pumpkin last in the elements until Halloween and beyond? Here's some tips to help!

1) Be sure to keep your creation out the rain or off the wet soil. Moisture on the outside of the pumpkin can speed up the rotting process.

2) As your pumpkin sits out for a while, it can easily dry out and start to shrivel. Soaking it in a tub of cold water overnight, or for a few hours, will keep the insides fresh and hydrated. After taking it out and letting it air-dry, spray a solution of water and bleach all around the pumpkin to keep it clean and free of mold and bacteria.

3) Spread Vaseline on the inside and outside to act as a sealant and Tabasco hot sauce to keep the pumpkin-eating insects away.

The best place for your jack-o-lantern would most likely be out on the porch, where it's off the wet ground and away from direct sunlight for several hours.

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