President Joe Hart living the dream with South Bend Cubs

NOW: President Joe Hart living the dream with South Bend Cubs


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Over the years there have been a lot of key players that have helped turn this franchise around.

From the time Owner Andrew Berlin purchased the team until today, the success of the South Bend Cubs has helped re-energize not only a fan base but also the city of South Bend.

One of those key players is President Joe Hart, who has been right in the middle of this re-vitalization.

“I mean just a couple years ago, the team was leaving south bend completely. Here we are thriving, cubs affiliate, record attendance year. So in 15-20 years, I want this team to be even in better shape. Hopefully I’m still here. I’m planning on it. Building a brand new house.”

Hart and family are moving into a brand new home just days after opening day.

But if all the moving boxes in his still unfinished basement represent a base, then the Cubs executive has touched them all.

“I definitely collected my frequent travel miles,” said Hart.

Growing up just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Hart was a three-sport athlete in high school who knew immediately he wanted a career in sports.

For better or worse, he knew that meant taking jobs no matter where they were.

“I hopped in a car immediately after graduation and drove to Harlington, Texas. I was there for 16 months and then I went to Nashville, Tennessee for a year. Fresno California for three, back to Nashville for seven, Port Charlotte, Florida for three and half and now South Bend where this will be my seventh year.”

Don’t expect Hart to move anywhere else, anytime soon.

“We have the saying in here if you think minor league you’ll always be minor league. We are not trying to be the best minor league team, we are trying to be the best sports franchise in general,” said Hart.

A dream job, working for a dream owner, culminating with a World Series ring baseball fans grow up dreaming of.

“No I think I’m here for good. Unless tom rickets calls me and said ‘Hey Joe we are going to let Theo go and we would like you to replace him.’ That would be about the only way,” joked Hart.

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