President Trump returns to Indiana ahead of midterms

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — President Donald Trump was back in Indiana on Thursday, hoping his presence could cost Democratic incumbent U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly his reelection bid in November.

Trump won this state by nearly 20 points in 2016 so he’s banking on his popularity being a major factor in this race.

Promises kept

The president is quite aware we’re 67 days away from the close of this midterm election season, so he’s making the rounds to secure Republican control of the House and Senate.

His message to voters on Thursday could be found on several banners around the venue.

They read: promises made, promises kept.

But do his supporters agree with that statement?

“If he cannot keep a promise, it’s because the House is not allowing him to,” said Sandy King, Republican voter. “Yeah, I do. I don’t know about the wall yet, how he’s going to get that covered. But I’m sure he is.”

That seemed to be the consensus among Trump’s base.

The promises he hasn’t kept or gotten around to just yet are the fault of Congress in many of their eyes.

Although, again, Republicans controls both the House and Senate, the president has been painting Democrats as obstructionists to his agenda.

Promises broken

Quite a few Honeywell retirees from our area say the president hasn’t kept his promises.

About a dozen folks from our area made the 6 hour drive downstate because they say President Trump hasn’t kept his promise to protect American workers.

Ther group held a press conference outside the venue, calling on the president to stop Honeywell from shipping jobs overseas.

“A good example is my plant being closed and all the jobs going across the water,” said Randy Troyer, a protester from South Bend. “So what is he doing to keep those jobs? We’re seeing nothing. Nothing at all.”

Honeywell is planning on making F-35 fighter jet parts in Turkey instead of South Bend.

“They’re taking the American dream away from us and taking government sensitive material to turkey on our taxpayers money,” Larry Alexander, another protester from South Bend. “That isn’t right. You take care of America first then you go after that.”

Senate race heats up

Republican nominee Mike Braun also arrived at the Ford Center for the rally.

There’s a chance he could join the president on stage for the second time.

The first time was in Elkhart back in May, just two days after Braun picked up the nomination.

Braun’s speech back then was more celebratory of the president visit and less substantive of what he plans to do in office and that has been a big talking point for Democrats in Indiana.

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