Preview of May Primary Common Council race

NOW: Preview of May Primary Common Council race

SOUTH BEND, Ind.- For South Bend Common Council's district three race Drew Duncan -- a marketing specialist -- faces current president Sharon McBride. 

Duncan supports refunding outreach programs and brotherhood fellowship programs to curb gun violence. 

McBride advocates for tougher gun laws, and also provided funds to social services to help reduce crime. 

On the ballot for district 5 is financial advisor Patrick Reighter and rise academy director of guidance Sherry Bolden Simpson.  

Reighter's highest priority is ensuring safe neighborhoods and believes in increased police staffing.  

Bolden Simpson believes in investing in programs that will help develop a positive relationship between the police department and the citizens of South Bend, and wants the city council to fund a quarterly gun buyback program.  

The final contested race today is district 6. You'll be able to vote for Iraq war veteran Bruce Mitchell or incumbent Sheila Niezgodski. 

 Mitchell supports hiring unarmed safety workers to reduce crime and investing in community-based organizations.  

Niezgodski supports a fully staffed police force to combat crime and a mental health emergency crisis center.   


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