Armchair Quarterback: Griffin Sotok

NOW: Armchair Quarterback: Griffin Sotok

This week's Armchair Quarterback is Griffin Sotok, manager of the Hope College swim team in Holland, Michigan.

Griffin Sotok is 22-years-old.

Despite the challenges he's faced with Down Syndrome -- Griffin is taking classes and he's an avid swimmer.

He's even the manager of the Hope College swim team in his hometown of Holland, Michigan.

Griffin grew up a die-hard Irish fan. 

His dad, Jeff, earned his Master's degree in Business from Notre Dame and has been taking Griffin to games most of his life.

Griffin said, "I'm excited about Notre Dame vs. U.S.C."

I asked if he though the Irish were going to win.

Griffin said, "Yeah 41 points. Justin Yoon will set a new record."

I asked Griffin if he knew how many the Trojans were going to score. His response, "Nothing!"

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