Price hike on the Toll Road

MICHIANA, Ind. - -Pretty soon you have may to dig a little deeper to pay to drive on the toll road in Indiana.  AS of July 1st, rates are going up.

Travelers on the toll road told me next months’ price hike on the toll road is going to burn a hole in their wallets

“With the increase in fuel prices it is just going to make it harder for us truckers to make a living,” said truck driver Timothy Kennedy.

Class 5 drivers who drive commercial semi truck vehicles will pay $1.40 more per 157 miles.

Class 2 drivers who are driving non-commercial vehicles on the toll road will have to pay thirty cents more per 157 miles.

And while some people think the toll increase is a big mistake.

“I would try to keep it down so you can get more trucks to come through,” said truck driver Frankie Jordor.

Others say it is money well spent.

“It is still cheaper than flying and if the money goes to clean good restrooms and rest stops and I think it is worth it,” said Ruth Nelson.

However there is a loophole, the EZ-pass will remain $4.50 per 157 miles. The price has been stagnant since 1985, which has drivers saying the EZ pass is the cheapest way to travel.

“I use EZ pass so I guess I am not going to see the effects of it,” said Kennedy.

If you would like to avoid the price hike by ordering an EZ pass you can do so on the Indiana Toll Road's website.

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