Princess for a Night event gives Michiana girls an opportunity to go to prom

NOW: Princess for a Night event gives Michiana girls an opportunity to go to prom


For the first time, Ziker Cleaners is teaming up with Stephenson’s of Elkhart to help get local high school girls to their prom with their Princess for a Night Event.

ABC57 news first told you, prom dresses were being donated, but now the event is getting closer and the turnout is huge.

According to Jennifer Probst, retail store director at Ziker’s, this event started 15 years ago, when the recession hit and money was getting tight.

“It was very touching to hear some of their stories where their parents had lost their jobs and in order to go to prom this is the only way they’d be able to do it.”

Probst says for 15 years, they have been collecting prom dresses to give away for free to local high school girls who, “May not have the opportunity to go to prom because they don’t afford the prom dress.”

And for the first time Stephenson’s of Elkhart partnered with them and helped collect dresses.

“When we get the opportunity to somehow give back in anyway then we’re all hands on deck, on board, ready to do so,” said Danny Reynolds, Stephenson’s owner.

Reynolds says he’s received over 100 dresses to donate and the count keeps on growing. He adds prom is something every girl should get to experience.

“The thought of anyone not being able to take part for monetary reasons is something we can’t even fathom.”

To donate a dress, you can either drop it off at one of the ten Ziker locations or bring it to Stephenson’s and they’ll take care of the rest.

we give away generally 4-500 dresses every year to local high school students so we need a good 1,500 dresses for people to try on,” said Probst.

“We see just how important is to the young ladies when they come try on dresses it’s probably second only to watching the brides do their thing. It’s such an important rite of passage for a young lady,” said Reynolds.

March 25th is the last day to donate a dress. The Princess for a Night Event is April 1st  at the Century Center from 8 to noon.

It’s on a first come first serve basis, so getting there earlier is better. Girls get 15-20 minutes to try on a dress and then take it home.

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