Private school closed Monday amid faculty coronavirus exposure

NOW: Private school closed Monday amid faculty coronavirus exposure

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The private Stanley Clark School confirmed to ABC 57 it shut down for CDC-approved cleaning Monday, after it said a faculty member might have been exposed to COVID19.

It’s unclear the extent of the faculty member coming in contact with the school building or the children who attend it - just that the person might have been exposed to someone who does have the novel coronavirus.

Saint Joseph County Health Officer Dr. Bob Einterz said all the right precautions have been taken.

“Stanley Clark leadership suggested that this would be an appropriate response to the current situation and we agreed with them that this would be a prudent and appropriate response,” Einterz said.

“It’s important that the public understands and knows that the leadership of our community are all taking the threat of this virus very seriously, that we are working together to address the potential of the virus to spread within our community, and (that) we are doing everything to contain the virus so that does not happen.”

As of Monday, the official word remains the school was only closed for one day and can open back up Tuesday.

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