Programs helping homeless during winter in need of donations

Every night, the Center for the Homeless gives at least 275 people, a number that includes over 60 children, a warm place to rest their heads.

"It's hard out here when it is cold,” said Mike Dilts, one of the near 300 people staying at the center during it's weather amnesty period. “People don't realize when you have a nice car and a nice place to stay what a luxury just being warm is."

"The centers are very important because a lot of these guys wouldn't have a place to come to at night to lay their head down and they'd would just be out in the cold," said Chris Woodburn.

Woodburn is a part of Project W.A.R.M., a newer program put in place to house 30 homeless men every night, no matter their condition.

"It's hard and it gets depressing,” said Dilts. “You have nothing else and you try not to get down on yourself, but there's not much else you can do, so I try to keep my head up and find a warm place to go."

Both the Center for the Homeless and Project W.A.R.M. have placed warm weather clothing at the top of their donation needs list.

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