Property taxes capped at a 2% increase for residents 55 and older

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - Starting in 2024, county residents ages 55 and older will have property tax relief, paying no more than a 2 percent increase over the next three years. 

The bill proposal passed by the St. Joseph County Council on Tuesday, supported by Amy Drake and Dan Schaetzle, as a response to recent skyrocketing property tax bills. 

Additionally, the county council seeks to support long time elderly residents of St. Joseph County who have struggled with financial constraints. 

"This tax relief is needed now more than ever especially as households struggle to catch up with inflation," said Amy Drake in a press release. "I believe this local county council strives to be a model for good government and a leader in our region."

In accordance with the broad tax relief, all taxes will be assessed by the county and taxes over two percent will be forgiven for those who qualify. 

So, who qualifies for the credit? 

  • Residents must be receiving a homestead deduction, for the same property in the same calendar year
  • Residents must have lived in their home for 10 years
  • Must be 55 years old or older on or before December 31
  • Have a single taxpayer income no greater than $75,00 or joint income no greater than $150,000

Only one credit can be claimed per household and is not applied for a portion of the home used for trade or business. 

Residents who receive this credit are unable to claim the Over 65 Circuit Breaker credit. 

Taxpayers will need to apply with the county for the benefit. A form will soon be available on the county auditor's website. 

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