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Proposed marijuana provisional facility under review in Benton Harbor

NOW: Proposed marijuana provisional facility under review in Benton Harbor


BENTON HARBOR, Mich.--- Nobo, a Colorado based marijuana company, has proposed a bringing a medical marijuana provisional facility to Benton Harbor. Nobo is one of 11 marijuana companies vying for four provisional licenses. 

NoBo already has two licenses for a cultivation and extraction facility currently under construction on Alreco Avenue. If Nobo is awarded a provisional license, it would make its property on Water Street the home of its Michigan headquarters.

"Part of the reason that we picked that property is because it’s in an opportunity zone and we felt that Benton Harbor was a great place that needed tax revenue from the emerging cannabis business," said Alan Bonsett, CEO of Nobo.  "So, that’s how we chose that particular site based on the good that we could do in the community."

Benton Harbor's City Commission will choose who gets awarded the provisional licenses at a meeting next week. 

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Mark 43 days ago
As a community service, I volunteer to test and screen the products. What America needs is a good $300 ounce of hash bud.
Mark Mark 41 days ago
The state is handing this business over to the black market. The prices for top shelf makes me wish MS 13 would run them all out and put the business back in the hands of honest responsible people.
Mark 44 days ago
The local residents in Hartford get a 5% discount.
Mark Mark 44 days ago
Watervliet gives anyone 55 and older a 10% senior discount.
Mark Mark 42 days ago
1. I'd like to see something that opens before 9:00 AM. ** 2. A tasting bar where customers can sit down, and buy a 1/2-gram to taste the pot before they buy bulk, would draw in the big spenders from all over. Most lifer dog smokers would buy bulk if they knew for sure they weren't getting stuck with something with good numbers but bad taste. ** 3. I want a clear package so I can see the product I'm buying. The government should to worry about me getting my stoned-head peeled by some dishonest employee. 4. A delivery service will help the patients that need it most.
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