Prosecutor warns of 'extraordinary increase' in overdose deaths, recoveries

The Berrien County Prosecutor has issued a warning there has been an 'extraordinary increase' in the number of overdose deaths and recoveries over the last two weeks.

Prosecutor Mike Sepic says there has been an increase in the number of treatments at the emergency room as well.

He says it appears the increase could be due to drug mixtures containing more fentanyl than usual. He says fentanyl is used by drug dealers because the synthetic version is cheaper than heroin.

If you know of someone who uses opiates, the prosecutor suggests you warn them their supply could be part of the recent batch with too much fentanyl.

Anyone who needs help can contact the Berrien County Health Department at 269 927 5668 or Carol’s Hope at 269 556 1526.

The incidents are under investigation.

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