Protecting your tax return

Some folks dread this time of year, tax season.

With more growing concern over identity theft and hackers trying to steal your personal information.

Some tax preparers say they're going above and beyond to try and keep your information safe.

You have the choice to file online or face to face with an accountant.

Workers with Liberty Income Tax say they're working to protect their customers.

Liberty Tax Service office manager Steffanie Basham said "We are able to verify their identity, we are able to check their ID, as well as check social security cards."

They say this makes it difficult for someone to pose as someone they're not.

Liberty Tax Service is double checking.

"When clients get any checks that they are the person picking up the check that's the person that is on the check, when they file online there is not those extra securities so basically anybody can file under someone else's name or SS card with basic information."

Amanda says she filed her taxes on the popular website Turbo Tax, but she got an alert that she had already filed.

Many Americans are going online. Filing with websites like Turbo Tax, but it could cost you.

Amanda said "We did contact Turbo Tax and they said somebody else had already filed and it was sent to a fake bank account."

If this has happened to you, call Intuit at (800)-944-8596.
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