Public transportation in winter weather

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- When the fog is thick, and the roads are slick, some say they prefer taking public transportation.

In fact, some who have been taking public transportation in rain or shine for years say that it is not the bus and taxi drivers they worry about.

"The winter weather doesn't bother me, what I am more or less concerned about are the other drivers," said John Depriest.

Bus and cab drivers say they look forward to foggy nights and snowy days.

"Winter is great because it means more business for cab drivers!" exclaimed John Mungai, a taxi driver in South Bend.

According to him, when people get off their flights and the weather is bad, taxi drivers at the airport win big.

"They do not want to deal with the snow. They want to grab a cab and come back later when the snow subsides to pick up their car. For me it means more business," explained Mungai.

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